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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has identified already the two new players he believes can turn his side's Double-winning campaign into a Treble next time round.

Van Bommel: Gunners target
He is not content merely to sit back and enjoy the party atmosphere for today's game with Everton, when his Highbury heroes will be presented with the FA Barclaycard Premiership trophy to add to the FA Cup.

Plans are already at an advanced stage to strengthen the team for another assault on Europe, as well as defending their English titles.

Wenger, who was yesterday named manager of the month for April, was understandably coy about giving anything away about the players he has targeted.

But it is not hard to work out that one is a central midfielder to replace Patrick Vieira, who could be departing for Real Madrid if his contract extension negotiations at Highbury are not sorted out soon.

Wenger did admit, however, that the other would compensate for the loss through injury at the start of next season of left-sided players Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Robert Pires.

PSV Eindhoven's Mark van Bommel and Bayer Leverkusen's Brazilian winger Ze Roberto, who will leave the Champions League finalists in the summer, are the new faces Arsenal hope will help take them to even greater glory.

Wenger said: 'I have identified two players that we need to strengthen us next year and we have taken into consideration that neither Gio nor Robert will be fit to start the new season. It is possible that we could sign someone before the World Cup starts, and the most important thing for us is to move forward from here.'

Pires, who is receiving treat-ment on his injured knee in Saint Raphael in the south of France, insisted yesterday he wants to sort out his contract extension as soon as possible.

He said. 'If everyone stays there is no reason why I would not. We have great seasons ahead of us with Arsenal.'

Wenger's war of words with Sir Alex Ferguson was put to one side as Arsenal enjoyed their championship champagne celebration at Old Trafford on Wednesday night.

Sir Alex told the Gunners' boss: 'Well done, you deserved it', before inviting him in for a glass of red wine in his office shortly afterwards.

'It was very nice,' said Wenger.


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下季季初一定冇得打,要養傷麻,另外 雲邦賀斯 同 厄遜 都係,估計佢地可在今年10至11月復出





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