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Insane Gamer
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Sick of EQ, RO, DAoC?

Neocron is your cure. (
Here is the awesome post by BradSTL in offical neocron forum.

Did you expect anyone here not to say it was worth it?

Let me help you make the decision:

If you'd rather play fantasy role playing games, in a Dungeons & Dragons like setting, stay away. You can try to persuade yourself that your Psi Monk is "just like" a necromancer, or that your melee Tank is "just like" a troll or an orc, or that your rifle Spy is "just like" an elven ranger ... but all you'll do is piss people off, and nobody is going to want to play along.

If you're a kid and can't convincingly "pass" for 20+ online, stay away. All signs point to this community being very hostile to annoying kiddies.

There are basically two things to do in this game: fight, and hang around town making and selling things. The fighting is all done with a Quake-like first person shooter user interface. If you totally suck at that kind of game, then you had better like sitting around in town making and selling things - or else, go play another game, because you won't enjoy this one.

What's your attitude towards other people's player-killing? You get your choice in this game, at least on the Pluto server. You can leave in your "LE" chip, be immune to PKs ... and be a cripple, making only 2/3 of what everybody else makes in cash and leveling up twice as slowly. Or you can take it out ... and learn to live with the fact that half the people in the game can kill you with impunity, nearly everywhere and nearly all the time.

Or if you imagine yourself as the biggest and baddest thing in the history of gaming, and are looking forward to killing everything that moves, and killing everything that doesn't move twice ... then you're going to hate this game, because if you do this, pretty soon 100% of the players will be able to hunt you safely, and will probably do so in swarms. You'll also start finding it increasingly difficult to find someone, either player or vendor, who's willing to sell you equipment ... or even ammo. Can't cope with this idea? Stick with Quake Arena.

How well do you play with other people? Do you make friends easily, even in a hostile environment? Do you like the idea that other people are dependent on you, and that you're dependent on other people? If the answer is no, stick to single-player games. You can not be everything and do everything in this game, not without sucking at all of it. If you play Neocron, you're going to spend a lot of your time running around trying to find someone to hire or swap favors with or buy something or sell something.

Now let's talk about graphics. Neocron City probably has in excess of 100 maps, nearly all of them some of the best-looking maps in the history of gaming. No, really; a more beautiful city to run around in you'll not see elsewhere. But the 3D engine is about one generation behind the current crop of single-player games. (It has to be, to support massive numbers of players.) The character avatar choices are pretty few, and mostly pretty ugly - though supposedly they'll fix that some time between now and next year. And the roughly 1/3 of the game that's outside is in some pretty ugly, pretty basic, pretty poorly laid-out maps.

Finally, let's talk about vehicles. I never thought they'd do it, but Neocron has actually managed to make Anarchy Online look good by comparison. Not because AO's vehicles are cooler (in fact, AO vehicles are both silly-looking and defenseless), but because vehicles in AO work. They don't kill you every third or fourth time you cross from one map to another. The flying vehicle actually flies. Granted, Neocron has some much cooler looking vehicles, actual armed and armored vehicles, and actual passenger-carrying vehicles. That's enough for some people already. But don't get your hopes up, because this isn't the multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto. The vehicle code in this game needs serious re-programming.

So why play Neocron? Here are some good reasons to do so. If none of them impresses you, keep looking, you'll be happier in another game.

Because you're a hard-core science fiction fan. Let's face it, there are only 3 SF massively-multiplayer online role-playing games in release. I'm not counting Star Wars: Galaxies, because it's still vapor-ware. No, there's Anarchy Online ... which is rapidly turning into a fantasy game. What's more, its cities are ugly and silly-looking by comparison with Neocron. And on top of that, it has the most incompetent and hostile customer service and support people in the sad history of computers. There's Earth and Beyond ... which looks nice, but all the combat and most of the game in general is spent in starship flight and combat. If you want to play an online SF RPG with full graphics, and you don't want to play those two, at the moment Neocron is pretty much all there is.

In particular, because you really liked Judge Dredd, Robocop, and/or cyberpunk in general. If you always wanted to be a low- to mid-level player in one of those settings, you are going to love Neocron. You'll fit right in. You'll finally be at home.

Because other games aren't gritty enough for you. Winos sleeping on the streets. Computer hackers who advertise. Crack whores in Pepper Park. Grafitti on every vertical surface. Rumors of cops on the take, involved in drugs and the black market. Protection rackets. Strip clubs. Openly corrupt corporations. Black-market surgery. Wet work for hire.

For the FPS combat. Basically, the combat side is a first-person shooter where in addition to getting better equipment, you get better skills. This is as opposed to Anarchy Online, where you start the combat, then push a button maybe every 10 to 15 seconds until the fight is over. If you'd rather do the aiming yourself, the firing yourself, the ducking and weaving and dodging yourself, then Neocron is all there is.

For the trade skills. If you'd rather make onling gaming friends by sitting around in town, but still want to be making money and leveling up, you'll like Neocron. Not as much as the reviewers think, because the last month's worth of "balancing" changes have nerfed the crap out of trade skill characters, but at least (unlike nearly all other actually shipping online games) they do mostly work in this game, and most of them are actually worth it.

Because you hate kids. Sure, Star Wars: Galaxies looks promising from a science fiction, graphics, tradeskill, and variety of professions standpoint. You could wait for it ... though it's anyone's guess how long you'll be waiting. But let's face it, when it goes live it's going to be drowning in 12 year old boys. Obsessive 12 year old boys, who can quote you every line of every movie, book, cartoon, comic book, and cereal box in the entire Star Wars "canon." Are those the friends you want to make?

Because you hate Verant and Funcom. Who doesn't?

Because your friends are playing Neocron, and you can't get them to switch to another game. Isn't this what finally decides most people? Let's face it, at this point nearly everyone knows that Everquest sucks. But people keep playing it ... because that's where their friends are. Well, if your friends are playing Neocron, you're likely to be playing with us ... whether you like it or not, aren't you?
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