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註冊日期: Sep 2002
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Need help of Des Blood 4 !!!

i've finally got the game yesterday & play for 2 nights, the normal game graphic is only medicore. the only new effect is better lighting & water effects. but the 3D character model is much improved than others illusion games, very detail motion & good looking facial expression.

for the H-scene, as i only played one, i think its a little bit difficult to manuver especially when u're licking & kissing the girl with your mouth & tongue. but the 3D body is extremely good & facial expression is amazing too, the girl will turn red to your harrassment !!

but right now i'm stuck with the game, after the first h-scene (with Litis), Esk & Cifer have escaped to a little town, at there u can buy weapons & armour, rest at inn like normal RPG, but after going all the where u're allowed to, and killed the ice monkey inside the deepest in the only dungeon in the town, nowhere i can get any further !!!

i've tried talking to Cifer again & again but still no progression in game... i've also tried to go back to the deepest room in the dungeon again but nothing happens...

is anybody playing this game too & pass this section ?? please give me some help...

thanks alot
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