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電視遊戲討論版>[PS4, PS Vita] Chainsaw Incident | 2D格Game | PS4 1080p 60fps
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[MUL] 美式2D格斗《The Chainsaw Incident 》确定登陆PS4/PSVITA [复制链接]

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Origo Games 和 Crazy Piranha Entertainment 开发的格斗新作《The Chainsaw Incident 》目前确定将登陆PS4 PSVITA。
Crazy Piranha Entertainment and ORiGO GAMES Provide a Quick Glimpse at New Horror-Themed Fighter The Chainsaw Incident

It’s not often we see entirely new fighting games come out of the woodwork, which is why this new trailer from Crazy Piranha Entertainment and ORiGO Games has us intrigued. The video in question showcases footage of a work-in-progress title called The Chainsaw Incident, a fighter that appears to be based around horror genre conventions.
There isn’t much to go off at the moment, but feel free to check out the small bit of gameplay they’ve provided below and let us know what you think. Be warned that some of the content could be considered NSFW.
UPDATE – ORiGO GAMES also provided us with some art assets that highlight specific characters in the game, a sneak peek at the full character-select screen, and more.
According to information included in their official press release, they are aiming to release the game on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The cast will include twenty-six fighters, with two available as free-to-play characters.
Character Art

Character Select


If you’re interested in learning more, keep your eyes on their official website, Twitter, and Facebook.
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The Chainsaw Incident New Characters Revealed ~ PS4 & PS Vita's Fighting Game

Hyde the Ripper: A gentlemen by day, a hulking ripper by night. A soulless devil who slashes throats in the night. He is driven to make Lenore (the lead character) his next victim.

Percival aka "Percy": He only exists to protect Lenore, and is one of the most powerful creations her mind has to fight off infection.

Porkchop: A disturbing embodiment of Lenore's school cook. He is scary in the real world, but her fear of the chef is even more so in her mind. He loves pigs over everything else, and will chop anything that does not squeal.

Artifact 51: Lenore always thought she had been abducted, and maybe she was right! Artifact is an Alien in all the sense and whether a friend or foe Artifact’s is aiding Lenore, but only so itself survives.

Rondella: Rondella is a from a world unknown. He has the ability to travel in the spirit realm and consume bad habits of the host. What his agenda is however remains a mystery.

The Gate Keeper: The Gate Keeper is the protector of the gates of heaven and hell for the human world. Half Angel and Half Demon he is a neutral to both good and Evil, he vows to keep both gates to either side closed to anyone trapping them in an endless purgatory.

Vargo: A Creature from the depths, Vargo is the spawn of the King of the Poison Frog Clan. Vargo is a Ruthless martial master, able to extend and increase his body to extend lethal punishment. His touch is poison and will break the strongest of foes.

Mike Jones: Mike Jones is Heaven’s soul reaper. When he is not rocking some tunes, he saves the lost souls that linger between life and death, whether they are looking for salvation or not.

AliBaba: He hunts down and returns anything that has been stolen from the Cave of the Forty Thieves. Including prisoners, one in particular that exists only in the spirit realm a Jinn of unknown power.

Dj Death: Hell’s Reaper of souls. He has come to take Lenore's soul for his master remix for his masterpiece. However his plans are being thwarted as her imagination has come to life and is slowing down his mission.
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The Chainsaw Incident To Run At 1080p/60fps On PS4, Dev Explains Why It Is Not Coming To Xbox One

“Microsoft has so many requirements to self-publish on the platform, including minimum marketing requirements”

23rd, Mar. 2014 | Posted In News | By Rashid Sayed| Follow This Author @GamingBoltTweet


GamingBolt recently spoke to Adam McClard, who is the CEO of Origo Games. They are currently working on The Chainsaw Incident, a new 2D fighter based around horror tropes. The game is currently a PlayStation exclusive with plans to launch it on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.
Surprisingly the game is not announced for the Xbox One and given the rise of Microsoft’s ID@Xbox popularity, we asked Adam why The Chainsaw Incident is not coming on the system.
“Currently it is too early to say, Microsoft has so many requirements to self-publish on the platform, including minimum marketing requirements. The game will be free to play, and we are not planning a boxed version unless it the funding goal is met on Kickstarter. Killer Instinct is a great game as well, and we felt it will be a dominant game on the platform for some time,” he explained to GamingBolt.
He was also able to confirm the resolution of The Chainsaw Incident on the PlayStation 4.
“1080p and 60fps for now. Wouldn’t it be amazing though if there was a 4K update down the road? You never know what could happen,” he said.
The Chainsaw Incident is due sometime this year. Stay tuned for more news and updates.