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[Wii,PS2]Disney Princess(用Wii Remote化身Disney公主)

Disney Princess E3 2007 Trailer

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God of Gamer
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girl version Kingdom Heart

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Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey
Disney Interactive Studios, Papaya Studios | November 2007

Girls Receive a Royal Invitation to Join the Disney Princesses in Video Game Adventures This Fall
By Disney Interactive Studios
Press Release -- This Content Was Not Created By GameSpot
Posted Jul 2, 2007 1:41 pm PT;title;1

BURBANK, Calif., (June 18, 2007) – This fall, young girls will join their favorite Disney Princesses in exciting adventures designed just for them. In Disney's first console video game created specifically for young girls, players befriend their favorite princesses – including Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine and Snow White – and enter their enchanted worlds. The princess worlds are in peril and only the player can save them in Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey for Wii from Nintendo, PlayStation2 computer entertainment system and Windows PC. In Disney Princess: Magical Jewels, also releasing this fall for Nintendo DS, girls play as a Disney Princess, including Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine and Snow White. Entering a fun-filled enchanted adventure to regain a kingdom's magical power, players strive to break the spell that binds the kingdom by recovering the stolen Magical Jewels.

"Based on a brand that girls and parents already know and trust, the Disney Princess video games are designed with young girls in mind through accessible, challenging and fun game play," said Jessica Oifer, senior brand manager for Disney Interactive Studios. "We know that Disney Princess could be a young girl's first entry into videogames. We embrace the simplicity required by this age group while providing a challenging and rewarding experience set in beautiful Princess worlds. Not only are the games fun, they also introduce players to the positive attributes that make a true princess: courage, friendship, trust and the joy of discovery."

In Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey for Wii , PlayStation 2 system and PC, girls play as their own customized heroine, taking part in a fantastic adventure and helping the Disney Princesses restore order in their kingdoms. Girls exercise their creativity by choosing their character's name as well as customizing her look – selecting hair color, skin tone, dresses and more. As they meet and interact with their favorite Disney Princesses, girls discover that each Disney Princess has a unique story and magical world. These stories inspire players as they ascertain the attributes of being a true princess –– courage, friendship, trust and discovery. The game's two-player mode allows girls and their moms or friends to work together to fix the princess worlds.

Disney Princess: Magical Jewels for Nintendo DS invites girls to play as their favorite Disney Princesses in an enchanted adventure. Girls explore the game at their own pace and skill level to recover the Magical Jewels and restore the magical power of a kingdom. In a magic-filled romp through locations familiar to young girls, players experience the excitement of interacting with the environments through the Nintendo DS touch screen to solve puzzles and tasks that help each Princess on her adventure. A tiered design provides an accessible play experience for the younger player, yet also provides layers of challenges for older players. Multiplayer modes allow the player to have a friend join the fun.

Published by Disney Interactive Studios and developed by Papaya Studio, Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey for Wii, PlayStation 2 system and PC is scheduled for release this fall at an anticipated MSRP of $29.99 for the PlayStation 2 system and $39.99 for Wii. Also scheduled for a fall release is Disney Princess: Magical Jewels for Nintendo DS, being developed by 1st Playable Productions, at an anticipated MSRP of $29.99. All titles will be rated E for everyone.

About Disney Interactive Studios

Disney Interactive Studios is the interactive entertainment affiliate of The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS). Disney Interactive Studios self publishes and distributes a broad portfolio of multi-platform video games and interactive entertainment worldwide. The company also licenses properties and works directly with other interactive game publishers to bring products for all ages to market. Disney Interactive Studios is based in Glendale, Calif. and has four internal game development studios around the world including Avalanche Software, Fall Line Studio, Propaganda Games and Climax Racing. For more information, please log on to
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註冊日期: Jan 2002
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ディズニープリンセス 魔法の世界へ
対応機種 プレイステーション2/Wii
発売日 2007年12月6日発売予定
価格 6090円[税込]
ジャンル アドベンチャー / ファンタジー
備考 開発:Papaya Studios

ディズニーのプリンセスが大集合! 『ディズニープリンセス 魔法の世界へ』

 ディズニーのプリンセスたちの世界が、悪い魔女ザラによって壊されてしまう! それを救すくえるのは主人公の少女だけ。魔法を駆使して悪者たちの悪事からプリンセスたちの世界を守ろう。ミニゲームなどの要素も満載のアドベンチャーがリリース決定だ!

魔法の力でトラブルを解決しよう! 悪者を懲らしめるのも、謎を解くのも、魔法を使うぞ。



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