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舊 11-18-11, 10:25 AM   #1
God of Gamer
註冊日期: Jan 2003
文章: 6,268
(預報) Kojima talks about MGS5, MGS:R and Project Ogre

We all knew it was coming, but now series creator Hideo Kojima has blown the lid off the forthcoming entry in his espionage franchise, Metal Gear Solid 5.

In the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Kojima opens up on his plans for the "past, present, and future of Metal Gear Solid," which includes details on MGS5, as well as Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

Does MGS5 feature Solid Snake​? Old Snake? An entirely new protagonist? You'll be able to find out what exactly Kojima has planned for Metal Gear Solid 5 when the magazine hits at the end of this month.

Some mammoth news to end this otherwise dreary Wednesday. For the first time in the 16-year history of Official PlayStation Magazine, we’re putting a developer on the cover. Issue 65 will be fronted by Metal Gear Solid creator and gaming legend Hideo Kojima.

A fortnight ago reviews editor Joel Gregory flew to Tokyo to spend a full day shadowing the man who has repeatedly reinvented stealth action over the past two decades. Now, in his most candid ever interview, Kojima reflects on his entire body of work – and gives some almighty teases regarding life after Metal Gear.

As part of our world exclusive chat and photo shoot, he also gives his open and frank opinions on Metal Gear Solid Rising – the first PlayStation MGS he’s neither written nor directed – and openly discusses his plans for Metal Gear Solid 5 and Project Ogre for the first time.

Most startlingly of all, he explains why he’s spent the last decade trying to kill off his leading man, Solid Snake.

 ├─┏┛────┗━━┓─┤ みなさまのリクエストにお応えして、
 ├─┣━━┳━┳┳┳━┛─┤      ファミコンミニ第2弾登場!!
 ├┃┃┃┗┓─┗╋┓─┗┓┤   【発売日】   :5月21日(金)
 ├┃┗╋━┛─┏┛┗━┳┛┤   【希望小売価格】:各2,000円
 ├┗━┫───┗━━┳┛─┤           (税抜価格1,905円)
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舊 11-18-11, 10:28 AM   #2
God of Gamer
註冊日期: Jan 2003
文章: 6,268
just a reference, no need to reply
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舊 11-18-11, 05:19 PM   #3
Ultimate Gamer
註冊日期: Feb 2011
文章: 4,728
3DS Friend Code1891 1135 7643
PSN  IDshodanng
XBox Live Gamertagdanng360
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