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註冊日期: Mar 2002
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FEAR Online

FEAR Online, a multiplayer shooter that fancies free frights

by David Hinkle (17 hours ago)

Fear is free. We're not talking about the emotional state but rather FEAR Online, a free-to-play online shooter being crafted for the PC by Korean outfit Inplay Interactive.

FEAR Online will continue the story of the world's creepiest child, Alma Wade, and will include several competitive team modes. FEAR 3's Soul King mode returns, tasking players, floating about as spirits, with possessing AI enemies and using their guns to kill other AI-possessed players for points. If you've ever played GameCube scare-em-up Geist, it's kinda like that.

Up to four players will be able to band together in a separate co-op mode in FEAR Online, which will run parallel to the events of FEAR 2: Project Origin. No mention of other modes is present in the announcement embedded past the break.

FEAR Online will be published through Aeria games, an online games publisher who specializes in licensing established games for distribution. The publisher is ramping up a closed beta and currently accepting applicants, if you're into that sort of thing.

FEAR Online

"This botch job makes Fantastic Four look good." —Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
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