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Great Little War Game | PS Vita Game

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Great Little War Game a new PSP Vita game is currently in development and should be made available as soon as PS Vita is launch . Great Little War Game has some pretty cool awesome graphics and game play according to the trailer video release on E3 of 2011 . This cool army game known as Great Little War Game seem that will keep any users occupied for awhile playing this awesome well done Army game on the PS Vita . Regardless of age, Any users who play this game will enjoy it as much as the developers enjoy it creating it .
The developers behind the release of Great Little War Game are Rubicon who had develop this game and release it for iOS according to the developers, However, It seem Sony has like the game and have decided to offer the PS Vita Developer Kit free to the developers so they could create a PS Vita version of Great Little War Game for Sony new Playstation Vita Handheld Game console according to online sources online .

I guess pretty lately Sony Playstation has been pretty busy and working hard to get small developers to come and develop their game for the PS Vita and even offering the PS Vita SDK Dev Kit at a really low price to attract new small game developers . I guess we be seeing much more new cool small and bug game being announce or reveal as Sony Playstation Vita gets closer to release date .
Below is a PS Vita Game Trailer of Great Little War Game which is under development for the PlayStation Vita .

So after watching this cool small video game trailer of Great Little War Game . Will you end up buying one for yourself and enjoy it on your PS Vita . Well I know I will when it becomes available to the general public . However, There has not been any news on how the game will be sold, via Sony new NVG Game card or downloadable via PSN . No news about it yet, But soon we hope to get the latest on how the Playstation Vita Game Great Little War Game will become available .

Here is a Review of this awesome game known as Great Little War Game from
I’ll call Great Little War Game “great” without hesitation, but I’d hardly call it “little” – not with 20 campaign levels, a 10 level IAP expansion, and tons of maps for pass-and-play multiplayer and AI skirmishes. This isn’t a game that’s over quickly – the levels take time and multiplayer matches can turn into all-out war.
The campaign gives you a thorough introduction to the game’s many units, from the humble Engineer to mighty tanks, warships and aircraft. Early on, you learn the simple controls – tap to select and move, hold to see range and movement – and then then you’ll learn to capture the enemy’s resources and base. You’ll also need to pick up vital strategies like holding high terrain, defending your resources and picking the right spot to lay an ambush.

Sony Going All Out To Support Garage Developers on the Playstation Vita

iOS US$2.99
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可能係PSN DL都係0.99 3.99呢LOL
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Just 3.5" 960*640 提升>> 5" 960*544