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註冊日期: Jan 2002
文章: 43,898
News: Nintendo's 2003 Plans

News: Nintendo's 2003 Plans
Jan 7th 2003 12:24 by Jim

Nintendo have a great list of surprises lined up for us in 2003. In wake of today's press release, we have their 2003 plans inside!

Here's a basic guide to what 2003 holds for Nintendo at this stage. Read on friends!
- Nintendo's New Game Boy Advance SP will launch in Europe on 28th March 2003. Click here for the tech specs: GBA SP

- The First ever online game for the GameCube in Europe, Phantasy Star Online from Sega, will launch on March 7th 2003. Finally, the GameCube's European online debut has been announced. Prices are not yet known, and the date the actual modems will go online have not been announced either. But as soon as we have this information, you'll be the first to know about it! There's sure to be more online software to be launched after this debut, so stay tuned!

- Over 80 new NINTENDO GAMECUBE games launching in 2003. We have plenty of fantastic games to look forward to this year including - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, 1080° Avalanche, Resident Evil 0, Metroid Prime, F-Zero, and of course Mario Kart!

- Over 60 new Game Boy Advance games launching in 2003 Nintendo haven't forgotten about the handheld wonder, in fact, with the announcement of the SP, it's just got a whole lot more attention! With big titles such as Golden Sun 2, Advance Wars 2, Super Monkey Ball jr (Infogrames), Formula One, and Need For Speed, you can be rest assured that there is plenty of life in that GBA of yours yet!

Stand-by Nintendo fans, things have started off this year with a bang! We'll of course keep you updated with all of Nintendo's announcements as the year progresses. It's looking like a big year for Nintendo.
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舊 01-08-03, 09:55 AM   #2
註冊日期: Jan 2002
文章: 43,898
今次有d新公佈較受注目的作品如Wario Ware,Super Mario Advance 4,GT Advance 3,Advance Wars 2.

News: GBA Release Dates Europe 2003
Lots of new games to play on your shiny new GBA SP.

10th - Pinball of the Dead (Infogrames)
17th - Micromachines (Infogrames)
17th - Titeuf (Infogrames)
30th - Taxi 3 (Ubi Soft)
Jan - Iron Man (Activision)
Jan - ATARI Anniversary (Infogrames)
Jan - ISS Advance (Konami)

6th - Bratz Dolls (Ubi Soft)
7th - Shining Soul (Infogrames)
13th - Medal of Honour Underground Expo (Ubi Soft)
Feb - Disney Sports Skateboarding (Konami)
Feb - Frogger Adventure 2: The Lost Wand (Konami)
Feb - Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc (Ubi Soft)

13th - Super Cross 2002 (Ubi Soft)
13th - Toca Touring (Ubi Soft)
13th - Formula One (Ubi Soft)
28th - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo)
Mar - Super Monkey Ball (SEGA/Infogrames)
Mar - Sonic Advance 2 (SEGA/Infogrames)
Mar - Phantasy Star Chronicles (SEGA/Infogrames)
Mar - Disney Sports Basketball (Konami)
Mar - Disney Sports Snowboarding (Konami)
Mar - Muppets (TDK)

Q1 - Road Rash Jailbreak (Ubi Soft)
Q1 - Disney Princesses (THQ)
Q1 - GT Advance 3 (THQ)
Q1 - F1 2002 (Zoo Digital Publishing)
Q1 - Freekstyle (Zoo Digital Publishing)
Q1 - Medal of Honour Underground (Ubi Soft)
Q1 - Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed (Ubi Soft)
Q1 - Road Rash Jailbreak (Ubi Soft)
Q1 - Boulder Dash EX (Kemco)
Q1 - Kid Klown in Crazy Chase (Kemco)

10th - NBA 2002 (Ubi Soft)
Apr - Kirby (Nintendo)
Apr - Pro Beach Soccer (Wanadoo)

13th - Need for Speed (Ubi Soft)

May - Wario Ware (Nintendo)

Jun - GALIDOR: Defenders of the Outer Dimension (Lego/Electronic Arts)

Q2 - Kirby (Nintendo)
Q2 - Wario Ware (Nintendo)
Q2 - X-Men Wolverine’s Revenge (Activision)

Q2/Q3 - Sim City 2000 (Zoo Digital Publishing)

Sep - BIONICLE: Mask of Light (Lego/Electronic Arts)
Sep - Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Return of the Dark King (THQ)
Sep - The Simpsons Road Rage (THQ)

Q3 - Golden Sun 2 (Nintendo)
Q3 - Advance Wars 2 (Nintendo)
Q3 - Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire (Nintendo)

Oct - Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo (THQ)
Oct - Sphinx (THQ)

Nov - Scooby Doo (THQ)

Dec - Power Rangers Ninja Force (THQ)

Q4 - Final Fantasy Tactics (Nintendo)
Q4 - Super Mario Advance 4 (Nintendo)
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