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註冊日期: Jan 2002
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[GBA]THQ announces Sega Arcade Gallery

THQ announces Sega Arcade Gallery
Sega and THQ announced today that Sega Arcade Gallery is coming to the Game Boy Advance.

The game, which is to be published by THQ under the terms of the two company's agreement, will feature four of Yu Suzuki's classic arcade titles. Yu Suzuki is responsible for wonderful games like Shenmue, Virtua Fighter, Hang-On, Ferrari F355, and a slew of others. In Japan, he's like a living legend.

The list of software is:

After Burner - Gun through bogeys in the cockpit of a Navy F-14 Jet Fighter.
OutRun - Race through a group of tracks throughout the world in a sports car.
Space Harrier - A shooter that has the player saving dragons across nifty worlds.
Super Hang-On - Race on GP bikes through four different regions.

The Sega Arcade Gallery is scheduled to ship to retailers sometime in 2003.
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