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註冊日期: Jan 2010
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美版WoW <Dedication> ICC25 HM11/12 ; ICC10 HM11/12; RS10 HM1/1 招人

Guild Website :

Server: (Oceanic) Aman'thul (Alliance)
Guild: Dedication (GMT+8)
Guild Direction: 10/25 Hardmodes
Latest ICC Progression: (25) ICC25 HM 11/12 - Glory of the Icecrown Raider
(10) RS HM1/1; ICC10 HM 11/12 - Glory of the Icecrown Raider

Weekday Team 11/12HM ICC25 - Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25 player) [10/1/10]:

Weekend Team 10/12HM ICC25 - Heroic Professor Putricide (25) downed [10/25/10]:

10man Latest Progression - Heroic Ruby Sanctum (10) cleared [9/4/10]:


大家好! 本公會為 (Oceanic) Aman'Thul 其中一個以華人為主的公會. 成立目的為招募散落於各個美服伺服器的華裔朋友, 攜手推倒所有高階層副本.

本公會Raid 日期如下:

25人團隊: 拓荒團(A): 星期三+星期四 10pm-1am HONG KONG TIME
拓荒團(B) 星期日+星期一 10pm-1am HONG KONG TIME
10人團隊: 任何非25人副本日子

本公會25人Progression 如下:

Icecrown Citadel (冰冠) - [HEROIC] 11/12; Glory of the Icecrown Raider
[NORMAL] 12/12; The Kingslayer


Icecrown Citadel (冰冠) - [HEROIC]: 11/12; Glory of the Icecrown Raider
[NORMAL] 12/12
Ruby Sanctum (晶紅聖所) - [HEROIC]: 1/1; Heroic: The Twilight Destroyer
[NORMAL] 1/1

本公會之wowarmory link:

本人之wowarmory link:

本公會之website (beta version):



我們期望大家既加入, 一起推倒ICC全content!

Guild: [Alliance] - Dedication
Raid Direction: 25
Raid Time: LATE NIGHT RAIDING GMT+8 9:45pm-1am [ GMT+10(Server Time) 11:45pm-3am; Daylight Saving Time +1hour - 12:45am-4am ]
Progression: 10/12HM(25) 11/12HM(10) 1/1HM RS(10)


< Dedication > in Aman'Thul is calling all dedicated playerswho arelooking for a late night raiding guild (GMT+8/GMT+10) forwhatsoeverreasons. We are a raiding guild that can suit yourtimetable!

We are a GMT+8 raiding guild with members mostly from HongKong,Singapore, Malaysia and North America. We are dedicated playerswhoenjoy raiding in a serious and efficient manner.

Our raid time is rare among the Oceanic servers since we raidratherlate at night GMT+8 10pm-1am (Server Time late night12:00am-3am)compared to other Oceanic guilds.

We are currently organizing TWO 25-manraids in a single week. Both 25-man teams are HM-focused progression raids and have 8+ HM bosses on farm.ess.

High attendance and adequate class & encounter knowledge arecompulsory.

We are currently looking for mature and exceptional raiders tostrengthen our line-up] in BOTH 25-man teams.

Raid Times


(GMT+8) WED THURS (Occasional FRI) 9:45pm-1am
(GMT+10 Server Time) WED THURS (Occasional FRI) 11:45pm-3am; Daylight Saving Time +1hour - 12:45am-4am

(GMT+8) SUN Msorry:45pm-1am
(GMT+10 Server Time) SUN MON 11:45pm-3am; Daylight Saving Time +1hour - 12:45am-4am

Each 25man team will be raiding for 2-3days each week.
Both 25man teams will have HM access.


Voluntary participation on non-raiding days

Raid Progression:


ICC HM 11/12; Glory of the Icecrown Raider
ICC Norm 12/12; Kingslayer


RS HM 1/1; Heroic: The Twilight Destroyer
RS Norm 1/1;
ICC HM 11/12; Glory of the Icecrown Raider
ICC Norm 12/12; Kingslayer

TOGC 5/5 ; Tribute to Insanity
Ulduar 14/14 ; Glory of the Ulduar Raider

What we offer:-

- Late night quality raiding which always aims for improvements andbetter progression

- Guild repairs for progression bosses in 25mans

- Roster position in both 25-mans AND 10-mans

- Assurance that the guild will be aiming for Heroic: Lich Kingkill (in 10-man at least)

- Assistance in playstyle if needed

What we expect:-

- ICC-ready gears

- End-game minded; accustomed to lots of wipings in the harderbosses

- High attendance & punctuality is a must for both25-mans and 10-mans

- Adequate knowledge of your class

- Prepare for fights and not expecting to be carried: priorresearch on the encounters by yourself is required

- Good attitude towards raiding; must be able to handlecriticisms

- If you are unable to attend a raid, you are required to notifythe officers / make a notification post on our forums


All classes are now open for recruitment.

Application Procedure

Please head to our website at and post an application following the format found in the sticky ontherecruitment thread. We highly value the amount of details youprovideand the effort you pay in answering every question. If youwish toprivately put up an application, please create an accounton our forumand PM an application and we will put it up in ourprivate app sectionto be reviewed by officers.

Thank you for your interest in , we are hoping tohearing from you soon!

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