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舊 01-25-04, 04:30 AM   #1
註冊日期: Jan 2002
文章: 43,898
NEW:美國PS2・GC・Xbox遊戲累計販売本数 -「GTA: VC」581万本

米国PS2・GC・Xboxソフト累計販売本数 -「GTA: VC」は581万本


米国ソフトウェア累計販売本数 (PS2/GC/Xbox ) - 参考データ
順   タイトル 販売本数

1 PS2 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 581万3,051本
2 PS2 Grand Theft Auto III 524万7,064本
3 PS2 GT3 A-SPEC 336万1,875本
4 PS2 Madden NFL 2004 316万1,345本
5 XB HALO 282万2,045本
6 PS2 Madden NFL 2003 271万3,121本
7 GC Super Smash Bros. Melee(大乱闘DX) 207万1,083本
8 PS2 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 205万2,378本
9 PS2 Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 200万2,859本
10 PS2 Madden NFL 2002 199万9,961本
11 PS2 FFX 194万7,822本
12 PS2 Medal of Honor: Flontline 191万8,344本
13 PS2 Kingdom Hearts 182万1,771本
14 PS2 Spider-Man 173万9,492本
15 PS2 ATV Offroad Fury 159万1,993本
16 PS2 NBA Street 158万3,999本
17 PS2 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (ラゴンボールZ) 154万2,814本
18 PS2 Max Payne 150万9,087本
19 PS2 Jak and Daxter 150万1,756本
20 PS2 Need four speed underground 149万1,026本
21 PS2 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 144万7,215本
22 PS2 Midnight Club: Street Racing 144万0,576本
23 GC Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 140万1,000本
24 PS2 SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs 138万9,075本
25 GC Super Mario SunShine 138万1,354本
26 PS2 007 Agent Undershirt Fire 136万3,954本
27 PS2 Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex 135万8,176本
28 XB Sprinter cell 130万1,567本
29 PS2 鉄拳 Tag Tournament 129万7,640本
30 PS2 Load of the Ring/two towers 128万2,703本
31 GC Mario Kart Double dash!! 125万7,539本
32 PS2 Ace combat 4 124万9,283本
33 GC Luigi Mansion 122万7,100本
34 PS2 Tony Hawk's Underground 121万2,288本
35 PS2 The Simpsons Road Rage 115万1,419本
36 PS2 ENTER THE MATRIX 112万4,955本
37 PS2 ATV Offroad Fury 2 111万2,506本
38 GC Metroid Prime 106万8,328本
39 XB Project Gotham Racing 106万6,266本
40 PS2 Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance 106万6,206本
41 PS2 Exciting professional wrestling 4 105万7,848本
42 PS2 Devil May cry 104万5,855本
43 PS2 Medal of Honor: Rising sun 100万7,673本
44 PS2 NCAA Football 2004 99万9,235本
45 PS2 NBA Live 2003 99万7,272本
46 PS2 True Crime: Streets of LA 96万1,763本
47 PS2 FFX-2 95万7,273本
48 PS2 NBA Live 2004 95万5,222本
49 PS2 NCAA Football 2003 95万1,178本
50 PS2 Madden NFL 2001 93万6,818本
51 PS2 Exciting professional wrestling 3 92万6,706本
52 PS2 007 Night Fire 92万2,199本
53 PS2 鉄拳4 91万8,530本
54 GC Mario Party 4 90万7,831本
55 PS2 Twisted Metal: Black 88万9,790本
56 PS2 SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs II 85万7,439本
57 PS2 NBA Street Vol.2 85万3,970本
58 PS2 The Getaway 84万5,061本
59 PS2 Hitman silent assassin 84万2,414本
60 PS2 Ghost Recon 84万2,031本
61 PS2 Biohazard Code: Veronica 完全版 83万7,993本
62 XB Ghost Recon 82万5,404本
63 GBA Super Mario Advance 4 81万9,936本
64 GC Sonic Adventure 2 Battle 81万8,714本
65 PS2 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 80万3,860本
66 GC Star Wars Rogue Squadron II 80万1,842本
67 XB Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack 79万3,521本
68 DEAD OR ALIVE 3 79万2,464本
69 PS2 Spy Hunter 78万2,333本
70 PS2 The Sims 77万0,595本
71 PS2 Namco Museum 76万9,295本
72 PS2 Crazy Taxi 76万8,932本
73 PS2 鬼武者 76万7,793本
74 PS2 NFL 2K3 76万7,388本
75 PS2 NBA Live 2002 73万9,039本
76 PS2 Ratchet & Crank 73万8,091本
77 XB Madden NFL 2004 70万4,957本
78 XB Max Payne 70万4,307本

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舊 01-25-04, 06:53 AM   #2
God of Gamer
註冊日期: Nov 2002
文章: 7,416
NFL 真係勁
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舊 01-25-04, 07:59 AM   #3
The One
註冊日期: Mar 2003
文章: 38,560
PSN  IDPear_Prince
Originally posted by Kaga :
NFL 真係勁


Waiting around for somebody to change your life for you is a loser's game.
If you want a great friend, you've got to be a great friend; if you want a great partner,you've got to be a great partner.
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舊 01-25-04, 08:29 AM   #4
God of Gamer
註冊日期: Jun 2002
文章: 9,033
if you know the rules and know how to play
Football is a very good game/sport to play

Wii FC 5690-8031-2592-7760 <US Version>
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舊 01-25-04, 08:31 AM   #5
God of Gamer
註冊日期: Nov 2002
文章: 7,416
yea.. maybe...
it's still voilent and boring for me now...
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舊 01-25-04, 09:37 AM   #6
Game Master
註冊日期: Jul 2002
文章: 2,270
Originally posted by GimGim :
if you know the rules and know how to play
Football is a very good game/sport to play
football is pretty fun~~

GTA:Vice City is really strong ar!! but it's a such a great game..i am still playing now!! can't wait for the next one ar...


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舊 01-25-04, 09:56 AM   #7
The One
註冊日期: Oct 2003
文章: 30,579
3DS Friend Code5069 4259 0235

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舊 01-25-04, 02:21 PM   #8
Ultimate Gamer
註冊日期: Apr 2002
文章: 4,951
PSN  IDgafrider
Originally posted by 勃勃 :
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舊 01-25-04, 02:43 PM   #9
Crazy Gamer
註冊日期: Jan 2002
文章: 1,099
33 PS2 ルイージマンション 122万7,100本

第三十三位個隻好似係Luigi mansion 黎喎,寫左ps2 0既..
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