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NEW:Avalon PC Renders(PS3 遊戲圖片??)

Avalon PC Renders
Posted on Thursday, March 18 @ 16:51:54 EST by Josh
[Article Topic: News]

Some of you may remember a few months ago when we reported that Climax Studios had completed their next-generation engine, called Blimey 2, set to be used on the PS3. Today, we get to see the new engine in action (on a PC) via the Official UK Playstation Magazine.The screens are from a recently revealed title called Avalon which is a futuristic racing game set for release on the PS3.

It is important that our readers understand that these pictures do not represent what the PS3 will be capable of graphically; this is only a demonstration of what the game engine can do when run on a PC. We do feel that it is important to show you these shots because they do represent the first look at a PS3 game even though they don’t represent what the final product will look like.
Thanks goes out to all the forum members who helped gather the information about this scan.

Source: Avalon PC Renders
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