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好耐冇睇官網 FORUM,睇完呢個 post 之後感覺我要爆炸了

It all comes down to nerfs. Each time warriors had a good build, it got nerfed due to the complaints on forums. Skullcrack got nerfed, Hambow got nerfed, Shoutbow got nerfed, and last Rampage Warriors got nerfed. So there is nothing left for warriors. It’s funny because the amount of complaints DragonHunter are getting far exceeds Warriors yet warriors get nerfed rather fast.
If they want to fix warriors, revert some nerfs, esp adrenaline nerfed. Make fast hand baseline so it opens up build diversity and give warriors more sustain abilities such as overhauling the new rage skills so it can help warriors stick close to their enemies. And fix all the gab closing skills so that it actually works. Another thing they should do is speed up the animations of warriors attack and increase some of the range of his attacks.
I’m not sure if it’s intended that warriors are left behind to ensure the popularity of Revenant which will increase sales for Hots. Basically it just feels like Revenant got all the buffs that warriors been asking for. Revenant is basically warriors 2.0
玩左幾日 berserker,唔講話玩得太深入,感覺打 hot 怪出來既數字已經今時唔同住日...
last 個段簡直好以係講中左 anet 想點咁,nerf 爆 war 等大家去玩 rev


由一開始adrenaline nerf 到 ooc 就即斷,然後打唔中既f1 又扣adrenaline
又 nerf 到 stability 由 trait 左既 13 秒半變到得5個 charge
整個 war nerf 到就係變到你近戰打人已經輸蝕,遠距又冇野值得你去用

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