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Fraser Forster: England and Southampton goalkeeper set to join Tottenham on free transfer

Ivan Perisić’s set to join Tottenham, here we go! Full agreement set to be signed on a two year deal.
Medical could take place next week in London, once everything will be signed. Antonio Conte wanted Ivan as priority.

Tottenham want around €20m fee to sell Giovani Lo Celso on a permanent deal this summer after his loan spell at Villarreal.
Villarreal are really interested, Emery wants him again - but nothing has been agreed between clubs yet.
繼Forster之後, 再免費簽入多一位經費豐富老將Perisić

如果Lo Celso只係賣到18m, 尼單交易蝕到入肉
另一位Ndombélé情況就更慘, 如果佢肯改變踢法咪好
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