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The Chainsaw Incident New Characters Revealed ~ PS4 & PS Vita's Fighting Game

Hyde the Ripper: A gentlemen by day, a hulking ripper by night. A soulless devil who slashes throats in the night. He is driven to make Lenore (the lead character) his next victim.

Percival aka "Percy": He only exists to protect Lenore, and is one of the most powerful creations her mind has to fight off infection.

Porkchop: A disturbing embodiment of Lenore's school cook. He is scary in the real world, but her fear of the chef is even more so in her mind. He loves pigs over everything else, and will chop anything that does not squeal.

Artifact 51: Lenore always thought she had been abducted, and maybe she was right! Artifact is an Alien in all the sense and whether a friend or foe Artifact’s is aiding Lenore, but only so itself survives.

Rondella: Rondella is a from a world unknown. He has the ability to travel in the spirit realm and consume bad habits of the host. What his agenda is however remains a mystery.

The Gate Keeper: The Gate Keeper is the protector of the gates of heaven and hell for the human world. Half Angel and Half Demon he is a neutral to both good and Evil, he vows to keep both gates to either side closed to anyone trapping them in an endless purgatory.

Vargo: A Creature from the depths, Vargo is the spawn of the King of the Poison Frog Clan. Vargo is a Ruthless martial master, able to extend and increase his body to extend lethal punishment. His touch is poison and will break the strongest of foes.

Mike Jones: Mike Jones is Heaven’s soul reaper. When he is not rocking some tunes, he saves the lost souls that linger between life and death, whether they are looking for salvation or not.

AliBaba: He hunts down and returns anything that has been stolen from the Cave of the Forty Thieves. Including prisoners, one in particular that exists only in the spirit realm a Jinn of unknown power.

Dj Death: Hell’s Reaper of souls. He has come to take Lenore's soul for his master remix for his masterpiece. However his plans are being thwarted as her imagination has come to life and is slowing down his mission.

PS4線上中文用戶指南 PS4系統軟件更新 遙控遊玩
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EA-y( ̄Д ̄)。o :game怪有咁勁得咁勁,裝備有咁屎得咁屎,咪等啲友玩得咁舒服,玩完嗱嗱聲pay-to-win.抽loot box有咁難得咁難,box有咁罕有放咁罕有,啲課長咪啫聲抽完抽過第二次囉.
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