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WipEout Confirmed for PS3
Developer admits it's coming and will support SIXAXIS.

by Rob Burman, IGN UK

UK, February 2, 2007 - A key developer at Sony's Liverpool studio has officially confirmed that WipEout on PS3 is in development and that the game will use the SIXAXIS controller.

Speaking to Develop magazine in the UK, Clemens Wangerin, internal development director at the studio, said the WipEout team is working on a PS3 version, stating the new game has "SIXAXIS controls, maybe online multiplayer and downloadable content". Rumours of a PS3 incarnation of Sony's classic sci-fi racer have been circulating for a few months but this is the first hard evidence that the game is actually in development.

When questioned over details of a new WipEout game a Sony spokespersion simply said, "We'll be making a full announcement about WipeOut on the PS3 at some point in the future". Will it be tomorrow? Next week? Who knows, but you can be sure we'll bring the news first.
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