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每一個 server 的名字都是 Stormreach 世界的一處地方名

Adar (A region of Sarlona, home of the kalshtar race)
Aerenal (Small continent southeast of Khorvaire, home of elves)
Argonnessen (Southeastern continent, home of dragons)
Aundar (A nation in Khorvaire, center of the Arcane Congress)
Fernia (Plane, The Realm of Fire)
Ghallanda (A powerful House, or faction, known for training hostelers)
Khyber (Dragon Below)
Lhazaar (Area of Khorvaire known for piracy, necromancy, and the occasional volcanic eruption)
Mabar (Plane, The Endless night)
Riedra (Headquarters of the Dreaming Dark, a group of quori spies and assassins who call Sarlona home)
Risia (Plane, Plane of Ice)
Sarlona (Northeastern continent, once the home of humans, but now ruled over by psychics from Dal Quori)
Shavarath (Plane, The Battleground)
Tharask (A powerful House, or faction, of bounty hunters)
Thelanis (Plane, The Faerie Court)
Xoriat (Plane, Realm of Madness)
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