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Mortal Kombat 11: Switch vs PS4/Pro/Xbox One/X - From Handheld To 4K!
Digital Foundry

- PS4/XB versions are 40 GB. Switch is 20 GB. Cut's in pre rendered encodes and texture quality.
- Arguably the closest port of a PS4/XB game to a Nintendo console yet.

- PS4: Native 1080p (potentially dynamic, but no signs observed)
- XBO: Native 1080p but drops to upto just under 900p during game play.
- Pro: Cut-scenes run at 1800p. Game play 1260p to 1440p.
- XBX: Certain cut-scenes run at 2160p. Game play runs at 1620p to 1800p.
- In terms of visual comparison, outside of resolution not much different.
- Base consoles have more dithering on motion blur compared to Enhanced. Other things are like-for-like.
- Consoles locked to 60 FPS (with XBO showing minor tearing). Tearing and intro/outro locked to 30 FPS.

- Special geometry reductions made to get game running at 60 FPS.
- Character select only shows 2D images instead of 3D models unlike other versions.
- Docked: Dynamic resolution from 720p to 540p. Lower drops happen during intro/outro and fatalities
- Portable: Dynamic 480p to 384p.
- Almost everything is reduced to reach 60 FPS (no motion blur, lower quality post process, lower res dynamic shadows, specular properties etc,).
- Hair and alpha effects suffer stifling.
- Docked Performance is generally the same with a few drops during game play, and bad frame pacing at 30 FPS moments with some added drops.
- Portable Performance doesn't run quite as well, ranges fro 45 to 60 FPS in some cases.

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