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Kodoku l PS4, PS Vita

Indie developer Carnivore Studio is working on a new horror and exploration game called Kodoku for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.
According to a PocketGamer preview, the game utilizes stealth and sorcery over weapons as means to survive.

Players will take on the role of a collector who must travel to the island of Kodoku, abandoned and haunted by paranormal entities from Japanese folklore, to find a rare book. As you explore the island, you must uncover the source of the paranormal phenomena, as well as a way off the island. During your investigation, you must gather documents and proof that the paranormal phenomena is genuine.

Players will be able to focus their senses to detect direction and proximity of threats while hiding in shadows, listening to noises, and distracting enemies. Spells, which will aid you in enemy evasion and puzzle solving, can be created via simple crafting.

Kodoku is due out in early 2015

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