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電視遊戲討論版>[PC] Ride 3
安安 07:26 PM 05-16-18
Ride 3 officially announced; scheduled for November 2018 launch

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Ride 3 will also boast noticeably more content over its predecessors. Milestone claims over 230 bikes
will be included in the base game, with players having the option to customise them with a livery editor
and over 500 different motorcycle parts.

Furthermore, Ride 3 will contain 30 different locations, spread out across road courses, drag strips,
city circuits and drone-scanned real-world race tracks. For the first time ever in a Ride game, night racing
will also be present in Ride 3 - with the weather system from prior Ride games also presumably set to return in Ride 3.

安安 10:49 PM 08-23-18
Gamescom 2018 | New Ride 3 Gameplay