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Octogeddon | Feb 8 2018 | Plants vs Zombies Dev開發 | DLC完全免費

New Game From Plants Vs. Zombies Creator Revealed, And It's Bizarre
Here's the new creation from George Fan.

Plants vs. Zombies has been around long enough now that it no longer seems weird. But when you stop and consider it--a tower-defense game where you use sentient plants to fight off waves of zombies--it's a pretty strange concept. So it should perhaps be no surprise that the new game from creator George Fan is also pretty unusual.

Developer All Yes Good today announced Octogeddon, a new game where you play as a "giant mutant octopus bent on world destruction." The trailer provides a sense of what vibe Fan and All Yes Good are going for--it's all very silly--but we don't yet have a firm grasp on precisely what you do other than generally wreak havoc.

The official description states players "grow more tentacles and evolve each of them into deadlier weapons until they become the ultimate eight-armed sushi avenger." It also describes this as a spiritual successor to Plants vs. Zombies while highlighting the fact that it's a game devoid of any microtransactions.

"[Octogeddon is] weird, playfully gruesome, and writhing with nearly infinite re-playability while only suctioning money out of your wallet ONCE," the press release states. A price was not announced, but it's made clear that this is not a free-to-play game, and that post-release content will be released for free.

Octogeddon's release date is set for February 8 on PC through Steam. A closed beta has now begun, but access won't be easy to get. 64 "golden tickets" will be given away through "semi-secret sources--or in some cases by pestering George on Twitter."
Fan is collaborating on the game with ex-PopCap employee Rich Werner, who was the original artist on Plants vs. Zombies, and Kurt Pfeifer, who worked on PvZ's Xbox 360 port.
超鍾意PVZ,STEAM同XBOX 360版都有,呢隻如無意外會入手!


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