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david 05:46 AM 06-17-17
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First Images Of The Ataribox Revealed

Modern and classic mix.

Aran Suddi, 3 hours ago, 4 comments.

A little while ago Atari confirmed it was working on a new console, with the machine being called the Ataribox. Today Atari has revealed the first images for the console, and it does look very sleek. The Ataribox is inspired by classic Atari design including wood paneling, but the console will also be available in a black and red with glass.

The Ataribox will have a HDMI port, 4 USB slots, and an SD card slot. Atari has also confirmed it will have both classic and current games on the console, but are remaining tight lipped about the specs. Frequent updates have been promised.
Source: Press Release
ComeLOLoh 05:50 PM 07-18-17