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安安 04:46 PM 05-03-17
Remedy Entertainment's New Game "P7" for PS4/Xbox One/PC Will be Published by 505 Games

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"The Group will publish a brand-new game by contributing €7.75 million in development funding and
providing marketing and publishing services through 505 Games for digital and retail versions worldwide."

"The new game, codenamed “Project 7”(P7) is a cinematic third person action game set in
a new Remedy-created universe.Featuring an intriguing story and a game structure offering
a long-lasting experience, P7 contains the deepest game mechanics yet in a Remedy game.
The game is built on Remedy’s proprietary Northlight technology."

安安 01:06 PM 06-12-18
Control is a third-person perspective, sandbox style, combat action adventure that combines traditional
gunplay with supernatural abilities, giving the player the ability to approach each situation in their own way.
CONTROL is scheduled to release in 2019 for PS4/PS4 Pro, Xbox One/Xbox One X, PC (digital only)

大懶財 06:55 PM 06-12-18
neo2046 09:44 PM 06-12-18
【E3 18】第三人稱超能力冒險遊戲《控制 CONTROL》曝光 預計於 2019 年推出
安安 01:20 PM 06-14-18 Gameplay Demo | PlayStation Live (E3 2018)
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風間鈴木仁 01:56 AM 06-16-18

Remedy Entertainment呈獻的全新超能力冒險遊戲 《Control》

製作《Max Payne》及《Alan Wake》的工作室步向新方向

在製作遊戲的過程中,最讓人不安和緊張的就是你首次披露新作片段的一刻。我們很高興以《Control》與大家分享這一刻。這是Remedy正在製作中的最新作品,並將交由 505 Games發行。

我們深知玩家喜愛具備深厚劇情及世界觀的單人遊戲,因此我們十分榮幸能在PlayStation的E3 Showcase首次披露這款遊戲的預告片段。這只是一個開始…
安安 10:03 PM 03-26-19 Gameplay Trailer Hands-On Preview

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