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david 08:35 PM 06-11-13
E3 2013: World of Tanks hits Xbox 360 this summer

by Mike Foster (19 hours ago)
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E3 has only just begun, but we've already received some pretty big news on the MMO front: has announced that its absurdly popular free-to-play bash 'em up, World of Tanks, will be launching on the Xbox 360 this summer.

The Xbox 360 version of the game has been "tuned specifically" for the console and will feature 15-on-15 matches. World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition will remain free-to-play, as long as you're an Xbox Gold subscriber.
david 01:40 PM 06-12-13
World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition open beta in 'relatively near future'

by Jessica Conditt (8 hours ago)

World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition will enter open beta in the "relatively near future," Wargaming General Manager Denny Thorley said during a demo at E3. The beta will begin in North America and Canada, and roll out to other countries later on. Beta registration is open now at the game's website.

The beta will likely include four maps and a majority of the full game's 60 total tanks at first, Thorley said.

World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition won't feature cross-play between PC and console. It supports online multiplayer for up to 30 players – 15 vs. 15 – with no single-player or local multiplayer content at launch. Wargaming may add single-player tutorials or other comparable content in the future.

It's free-to-play for Xbox Live Gold members, and all other Live users will get a free seven-day trial. The monetization strategy on XBLA will be slightly different than its PC predecessor, though Thorley said he couldn't go into detail about specific packages.

"I think you're going to find some similarities," Thorley said. "There are areas that may be slightly different."

The major differences between the PC and Xbox 360 versions of World of Tanks will be the control scheme – surprise, the console edition uses a controller – and some user interface tweaks to better suit a couch perspective.
david 09:44 PM 08-21-13
World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition beta rolls out

by Alexander Sliwinski on Aug 21st 2013 7:40AM

World of Tanks for Xbox 360, which is officially called World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, is ready for beta testers. United States, Canada and European commanders can head on over to to sign up for access.

Developer Wargaming will send out access tokens on a weekly basis. The three regions will have access to the "new US and German tier VII and VIII heavy tanks" during testing. The company also plans to announce beta release dates for other regions "soon."
安安 11:47 PM 10-04-13
LEGOCAPTOR 10:33 PM 11-07-13
[免費XBOX 360遊戲]World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition



World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition BETA

發行日期: 6/11/2013
大小: 70.18 MB

由 AAA 級遊戲團隊所製作的線上坦克戰役,即將以客製化版本登陸 Xbox 360!體驗風靡全球的 20 世紀中期裝甲戰爭風潮、指揮歷史上各種威力強大的坦克,並體驗與友軍戰車團一起邁向勝利的刺激戰鬥。本遊戲可供 Xbox LIVE 金會員下載並免費進行遊戲。

LEGOCAPTOR 09:56 AM 02-05-14

World of Tanks to blast Xbox 360 on February 12

The Xbox 360 version of World of Tanks will launch February 12, Wargaming announced. The game will retain its free-to-play-with-premium-purchases structure, but will require an Xbox Live Gold membership. Those with a free Xbox Live account will have access to a trial version of the game for seven days.

The tactical, team-based online war game will include over 100 tanks from the Unites States, Germany and United Kingdom. World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition entered beta in August 2013. The game first launched on PC in North America in April 2011 following its 2010 release in Russia.

ahleung 06:11 PM 02-13-14
正式版 out now
LEGOCAPTOR 08:31 AM 03-15-14
World of Tanks: Original Soundtrack

可以在官網免費下載到World of Tanks: Original Soundtrack,

隻GAME我自己開咗一個金會員嚟免費玩晒拎埋100% 400G了,
即使你好似我一樣唔打算比現金買in game的虛擬貨幣、雙倍exp等都好,


介紹影片(有中文字幕的) :


World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition

由 AAA 級遊戲團隊所製作的線上坦克戰役,即將以客製化版本登陸 Xbox 360!體驗風靡全球的 20 世紀中期裝甲戰爭風潮、指揮歷史上各種威力強大的坦克,並體驗與友軍戰車團一起邁向勝利的刺激戰鬥。本遊戲可供 Xbox LIVE 金會員下載並免費進行遊戲



最搞秧係個隱藏成就Death From Above,那不就是老_推車?

ahleung 10:28 AM 02-20-15
XBONE in 2015

- game save係跟account, 你可以360/ONE兩邊走
- 360/ONE online server共通, 兩邊玩家同場對戰
LEGOCAPTOR 11:50 AM 07-18-15
XBOX ONE & 360免費遊戲World of Tanks,
XBOX 360版宜家就有,XBOX ONE版15年7月28日登場~!

World of Tanks Xbox - Lunar Mode is Back!

In honor of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, World of Tanks Xbox is bringing back Lunar Mode!


Tanks on the Moon Event

The Eagle Has Landed!

On July 20, 1969, the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission set foot on the Moon for the first time in human history. We're saluting that accomplishment in the best way we could, by bringing back the popular Lunar Mode!

Our last visit to the moon was fun and games, but now, the battle picks up! This time around, Lunar mode WILL affect your player stats such as win rate, survivability, player totals, etc. Earn medals, ribbons, and track your performance with full stat reporting!

But we're not done yet. Throughout the weekend, hop into the M24 Lunar and engage in some out of this world battles! A special Chained Operation challenges you to tackle missions both in and out of the M24 Lunar, but you'll also want to check out the Operations that make up the Mid July event! You can also find special July Premium shop bundles and the third part of our month-long Freedom to Win chained operation!

LEGOCAPTOR 12:52 PM 07-18-15



在週末裡,你可以跳進 M24 Lunar 展開激戰!此外還可以駕駛 M24 Lunar 解開特別連鎖任務,或是執行七月中旬任務!此外不要忘記拜訪禮品店喔!

LEGOCAPTOR 02:14 PM 07-27-15
又係時候繼續係XBOX ONE玩車.大炮了…

World of Tanks Xbox One Official Launch Trailer

The explosive tank-on-tank multiplayer warfare is finally rolling onto Xbox One.

LEGOCAPTOR 06:08 PM 07-29-15
因為有玩過XBOX 360版,有個SAVE DATA可以帶去XBOX ONE版,
一入XBOX ONE版一場都未打,就不停「叮」開返堆成就出嚟…
武藤遊戲 04:51 PM 09-16-15
World of Tanks - Coming Soon to PlayStation 4!
LEGOCAPTOR 11:23 PM 09-16-15

TVCM 『World of Tanks』ディレクターズカット(2015年9月15日より各局にて放映)

LEGOCAPTOR 01:21 PM 08-02-16
XBOX ONE F2P遊戲World Of Tanks又有免費DLC出咗~!


Roll Out(出發)

Includes: • American Tier II T1E6-X1 Light Tank • 100% Trained Crew • 1200 AP Shells • 240 APCR Shells • 5 Large Repair Kit • 5 Large First Aid Kit • 5 Automatic Fire Extinguisher • 1 Garage Slots • 100,000 Silver • 7 Days of Premium • 2 Ops Please note that this bundle can only be claimed one time per account.

包含: • 美國 II 階 T1E6-X1 輕型戰車 • 100% 訓練乘員 • 1200 發 AP 彈 • 240 發 APCR 彈 • 5 組 大型修理箱 • 5 組 大型急救箱 • 5 組 自動滅火系統 • 1 個車庫車位 • 100000 銀幣 • 7 天加值帳號 • 2 行動 請注意,這個組合包每個帳號限定購買一次。


LEGOCAPTOR 07:06 AM 12-21-16
World of tanks有免費Avatar道具可以下載,
去XBOX 360 Game果邊個市集搵World of tanks,
再搵American Tank(美國戰車)會易d搵到~!

[免費Avatar道具]World of tanks 美國戰車